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How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Rhode Island

Are you facing criminal charges in Rhode Island? The first thing you need to do is find a criminal defense attorney to take on your case. An experienced attorney can have a huge impact on the final outcome of your case, so you want to make sure you choose a good one. You want an attorney who has a proven track record of getting results for clients, is confident in the courtroom, and who you feel comfortable working with. To help you make the decision easier, we’re sharing some tips on how to choose a criminal defense attorney in Rhode Island.

Research Potential Attorneys

Choosing the right attorney for your case all starts with doing a little research. You’ll need to research attorneys in your area who would be a good fit for you case. You can start by asking friends and family for their personal recommendations. It’s always great if someone you know can vouch for an attorney!

Alternatively, if you aren’t able to get recommendations from someone you know, you can always do a quick search online. You can look at the Rhode Island Star Bar website to find criminal defense attorneys and there are always reviews online you can read. Don’t think you have to go with the first attorney you come across. You can interview a few different attorneys to find the right one. We have a few tips for a successful interview below.

Interviewing Potential Attorneys

Once you’ve gathered a list of criminal defense attorneys to potentially take on your case, you’ll want to schedule consultations with them. Fortunately, most attorneys provide free in-person consultations for this type of situation. It will give you the opportunity to get to know an attorney by asking questions, plus allow you to get a feel for the attorney’s personality to know if you would work well together. Make sure you also come prepared with a list of questions!

One of the first things you will want to determine in your consultation is if the attorney is in good standing with the state Bar. Attorneys can sometimes land themselves in trouble, so you’ll want to pick someone who hasn’t previously be involved in any kind of trouble and who has not been disbarred.

Next, find out if the attorney has experience in dealing with cases like yours. Criminal defense attorneys handle a variety of cases, so it would be wise to find someone who has helped clients in a similar situation to you. You want someone who has years of experience and has gotten positive outcomes in the courtroom, as opposed to someone who is just starting out with your type of case. Although an attorney’s previous results is not a guarantee that you will receive the same, it’s a good sign that the attorney is competent in the courtroom.

You should also ask the attorney what his/her next step would be in fighting your case. It’s helpful to know what you can expect to happen next. And you also want to know that the attorney you choose has a plan you feel good about.

Finally, you’ll also want to ask about any attorney fees and court costs associated with your case. It’s no secret that hiring an attorney can be pretty costly, however it’s essential when you’re fighting for your freedom. Ask the attorneys you meet with to provide you with an estimate of what their services will cost. You’ll want to choose someone who quotes you a fair and reasonable price so you don’t end up paying too much money. If the cost is more than you can take on at the moment, ask about payment plans. Many attorneys allow clients to make payments on services because they know what a financial burden it can be. Once you know how much the attorney fees will cost, you can start setting money aside.

Choosing the Right Attorney

There are a few factors that go into choosing a criminal defense attorney to represent you. First, you want to choose someone who has years of experience in dealing with cases similar to yours. Make sure you choose someone who is educated on criminal cases like yours so you can be sure he/she will put together the best defensive strategy if/when your case goes to court.

The attorney you choose should also be someone you are comfortable with. You need to feel safe and at ease when speaking to your attorney and sharing the details of your case. If you do not feel comfortable speaking to a particular attorney, that’s a sign that the two of you are not a good fit for each other.

You want someone who you trust and who you feel comfortable talking to and working with. You should also feel confident that the attorney you choose is capable of being the best representation possible. If you aren’t confident in the attorney you choose, the process of handling your criminal case will become even more challenging.

Take the time to interview a variety of attorneys before settling on the right one for you. You need someone you feel good about to work by your side. In the end, you will be glad you went that extra step to conduct interviews. And you will also feel great about the decision you made. While you do want to act fast when it comes to getting an attorney involved, you also should not rush into a decision when it comes to making a choice.

Why You Need a Good Attorney

Having the right attorney can impact the outcome of your case, which is why it’s so important to hire the best legal representation. If you want to stand a chance at lowering the penalties you face for a criminal charge, it’s crucial to find an attorney to step in as soon as possible. The best attorney will be able to provide you with a strong defense to fight the charges you are facing.